Katie & Dillon

Katie and Dillon had the best time celebrating with their loved ones. It is always a delight for the team to be at Gizio, where we can host both a ceremony and reception at the same location. The couple had their First Look under the Willow Trees. If you’re thinking about your timeline, and whether or not to have a First Look, my answer will always be a resounding YES! By doing this earlier, you get to have private time with your partner, and not feel rushed through all the “activities” - do your couple photos and your wedding party photos, and even immediate family if time allows. Enjoy and be present during your ceremony, and if you have any remaining family shots, you’ll still be able to join cocktail hour and celebrate with your guests. And if you don’t think that seeing each other at the ceremony will be as impactful, from experience, it most definitely is!

The couple's enthusiasm and joy were infectious during the day, capturing so many moments filled with laughter and love. From champagne toasts to bean bag toss competitions, and a packed dancefloor later in the evening, everyone had a fantastic time throughout the day. It was heartening to witness the outpouring of support from family and friends, with a special mention to a wonderful family friend who helped bring Katie's vision to life with beautifully arranged centerpieces and delicate baby's breath accents. As the festivities drew to a close, our team was elated to see the sheer happiness radiating from the couple as they bid farewell to their loved ones and embarked on the next chapter of their journey together.

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Seeing my husband walk down aisles with our girls is a picture forever ingrained in my mind. Such a sweet moment seeing my whole world walk towards our commitment of forever.

We had a pretty small wedding and seeing everyone we love come together to celebrate with us and cheer us on is unforgettable.

Excited, anxious, happy, sad… It’s one of those days where you get rocked by every imaginable emotion. Take every single one in as best as you can, feel them all, and then have so much fun! The day never lasts long enough.

Just seeing the vision in my head all come together, from the greenery to the babys breath and the simplicity of it all creating exactly what I wanted. Nicole truly just got what I envisioned and the venue was perfect. I loved having a wedding where no travel was necessary from ceremony to reception, and the whole place was perfect for what we wanted.

Get a wedding planner lol. Planning a wedding can be so overwhelming, having someone who knows the ins and outs of the big day and reminds you of all the smaller details that otherwise I would have completely glossed over helped me stay on track. I honestly had no idea how many songs I needed to choose for each part of my wedding.

We would have a meeting with Nicole, she would give us a checklist of things we needed to go through and decide on, after the call we would sit down and discuss what was important to us and decide on what to incorporate and make the decisions that best fit for us.

We did a micro wedding package with some add ons, we had a small budget and thought we would never get married until I stumbled upon these micro packages that was exactly what we were looking for!

Communication, you need to have these discussions on what is an absolute must to make this day special for the both of you. Compromise and get your partner involved, don’t let anyone else make the decisions for you guys or influence what you want. Its so fun to come together and creat a special day to celebrate your love.

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