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To put it simply, a micro wedding is a blend between an elopement and a traditional wedding. And there is something really special about celebrating your love with just your closest friends and family. The intimacy allows couples to focus on the love and commitment your wedding day is intended to celebrate. With every wedding we plan, we are strong believers that every wedding is meant to celebrate and tell your love story. A micro wedding is no exception!

Nicole Anna Events has partnered with some truly talented vendors and created worry-free micro-wedding packages that are customizable in just the right ways to let us work our magic to make your dream day come to life. These vendors work to make your day one to remember for a lifetime! Our current packages are designed to suit our preferred venues, and include what you need to make it special.

Since so many couples have recently shifted their wedding plans, we understand you may already have a venue or vendors reserved. If this is the case, just let us know – We are more than happy to customize a package to fit your specific situation!

Above all else, our goal is to make sure you can relax, be married, and have FUN!

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Couple’s who are looking for a space to host their ceremony and mini-celebration for their neatest and dearest will be pleased with this exciting package our venue is offering for 2024. Including all the important elements, this package leaves couples stress-free during the planning process.




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Frequently Asked Questions

Planning a micro-wedding can be overwhelming, with so many details to consider and decisions to make. To help you navigate the process, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions about weddings.

A micro-wedding is a small, intimate wedding ceremony that sometimes includes a “reception”, typically consisting of fewer than 50 guests. It can be a more scaled-down and budget-friendly alternative to a traditional wedding, focusing on close family and friends. Micro-weddings often allow for more personalization and attention to detail due to the smaller guest count. 

The average cost of a micro-wedding can vary widely depending on various factors such as location, guest count, venue, and services included. However, as a general estimate, micro-weddings often cost between $2,000 to $10,000. This range is typically lower than the cost of a traditional wedding, which can range from $20,000 to $60,000 or more, primarily due to the smaller guest count and reduced scale of the event.


It’s a good idea to start planning a micro-wedding about 3 to 6 months in advance, especially if you have specific dates or venues in mind. This timeline allows you enough time to secure a venue, hire vendors, and make any necessary arrangements, while also being flexible enough to accommodate shorter planning periods if needed.

One of the best ways to personalize your wedding is to infuse it with your unique style and personality. Consider incorporating special touches, such as custom decorations, signature cocktails, or personalized favors. You can also choose music, attire, and other details that reflect your personal tastes and interests.

Wedding planning can be stressful, but there are steps you can take to stay calm and enjoy your special day. Start by delegating tasks to trusted family members or friends, and consider hiring a wedding planner to handle the details. You can also practice relaxation techniques such as meditation or deep breathing, and be sure to take breaks throughout the day to recharge and refresh. Have a date night or a weekend away, you don’t always have to be in planning mode.

Yes! Want to just get married with up to 10 of your closest family and friends? We offer custom packages for any style of elopement or micro-wedding.

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