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Welcome to Nicole Anna Events, where we believe in love, celebrations, and creating unforgettable moments that reflect your unique love story. With over a decade of experience, we approach each event with a wealth of knowledge and a dedication to excellence. Our team's keen eye for detail ensures that every aspect of your special day is meticulously planned and executed to perfection.

We take pride in curating personalized experiences that mirror your distinctive style and personality. From proposals and engagements to the shower and wedding day, let us be your trusted planning partner on this remarkable journey. Together, we will create a celebration that is as unique and beautiful as your love. Your special day deserves to be nothing less than extraordinary, and that's precisely what we strive to achieve at Nicole Anna Events.


The Service We Provide

When you choose Nicole Anna Events for your wedding planning process, you gain a partner from day one. We are your cheerleaders, extra set of eyes, educators, logistics experts, problem solvers, and guiding lights. As our client, you receive expert guidance, tools, resources, and a customized planning portal, ensuring confidence in every decision.

Wedding Manager

Our top priority is crafting a wedding day that is stunning, deeply personal, & impeccably organized. We understand that you & your family deserve to be fully present in every moment of this significant occasion.

Wedding Concierge

Experience our concierge-level service, where dreams are transformed into stunning realities. With our diverse team, vendor partners, & expertise, your event is in great hands, allowing you to focus on creating cherished memories.

Planning Partner

Working with us for your planning process will ensure you have a planning partner from day one. We are your cheerleaders, your extra set of eyes, your educator, your logistics-expert, problem solver, & guiding light.

Meet Nicole

With an extensive background in the wedding industry, Nicole Gibson began her journey by managing a prominent decor company before venturing into entrepreneurship. With years of experience orchestrating the design and decor for numerous weddings, she founded her own business, channeling her passion into creating unforgettable moments for couples. Nicole’s expertise extends across diverse venues, showcasing her adaptability. Her portfolio not only encompasses local weddings but also includes destination events, where she’s traversed boundaries to make dreams a reality. Her robust vendor relationships stand as a testament to her commitment to delivering unparalleled experiences to every couple she works with.


Frequently Asked Questions

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, with so many details to consider and decisions to make. To help you navigate the process, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions about weddings.

Read on to learn more about the most common concerns and queries from our clients.

The cost of a wedding can vary greatly depending on the location, number of guests, and level of complexity of the event. On average, weddings in the Canada can cost anywhere from $28 000 to 34 000 or more. However, it’s important to remember that every wedding is unique, and you can always adjust your budget to suit your needs and preferences.

It’s a good idea to start planning your wedding at least 12 to 18 months in advance, especially if you’re planning a larger or more complex event. This will give you enough time to secure your desired vendors, book your venue, and make any necessary travel arrangements. However, you may be able to plan in a shorter time frame. We’ve put together beautiful events in a matter of weeks, so anything is possible!

Choosing a wedding venue is an important decision, as it sets the tone for your entire event. When selecting a venue, consider factors such as location, size, and ambiance. You’ll also want to ensure that the venue has all the amenities you need, such as catering, restrooms, and parking. Finally, it’s important to choose a venue that fits within your budget. Utilize any inclusions your venue can provide.

One of the best ways to personalize your wedding is to infuse it with your unique style and personality. Consider incorporating special touches, such as custom decorations, signature cocktails, or personalized favors. You can also choose music, attire, and other details that reflect your personal tastes and interests.

Wedding planning can be stressful, but there are steps you can take to stay calm and enjoy your special day. Start by delegating tasks to trusted family members or friends, and consider hiring a wedding planner to handle the details. You can also practice relaxation techniques such as meditation or deep breathing, and be sure to take breaks throughout the day to recharge and refresh. Have a date night or a weekend away, you don’t always have to be in planning mode.

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