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Guests First: Elevating Your Wedding with Thoughtful Touches

It's no wonder that weddings are such a cherished and treasured tradition, and that they continue to capture our hearts and imaginations year after year. The preparations for a wedding can be extensive and take a significant amount of time and effort. Choosing the perfect wedding dress, coordinating the venue and catering, selecting flowers and decor, and creating the perfect playlist are just a few of the many details that go into planning a wedding. While your wedding day is undeniably about you and your partner, ensuring your guests feel cherished adds an extra layer of magic to the celebration. Here are some simple yet impactful touches to make your guests' experience as memorable as yours:

1. Welcome Bags: Embrace the trend with wedding welcome bags, a gesture your guests will truly appreciate. A tote with a refreshing bottle of water, tasty snacks, and perhaps comfy shoes for the dance floor ensures their comfort and sets the tone for a delightful day.

2. Pre-Ceremony Refreshments: Guests will be hanging around for at least 30 minutes before your ceremony starts. Ease those pre-ceremony moments by offering welcome drinks. Especially during warmer months, this small act extends a warm invitation to relax and enjoy the festivities ahead.

3. Warmth in Every Detail: For autumn or winter weddings, scatter blankets or pashminas at the ceremony entrance. Ensuring your guests stay cozy during your vows adds a thoughtful touch to the overall experience.

4. Sunnies: If your ceremony location will be full of sunlight, provide sunglasses to ensure your guests witness every moment without squinting. Bulk-buying these fun accessories keeps the cost low and the enjoyment high.

5. Late-Night Munchies: If you know that most of your guests will be dancing and having a good time late into the night, it is a good idea to bring out food later in the night to keep their tummies full. Weddings we’ve attended have had tacos and pizza, poutine, and a food truck! It’s also a good time to serve your wedding cake.

6. Sweet Send-Off: Express gratitude by sending guests home with a delightful treat, perhaps a cupcake, doughnut,  or candy bar. This not only serves as a token of appreciation but can also double as a late-night snack, offering a sweet end to a memorable day.

7. Charging Station for Endless Memories: Make sure that your guests can keep taking photos and recording fun videos of your day by setting up a phone charging station at your reception. This simple addition ensures they capture every cherished moment, contributing to the collective memory of your special day. Add a stack of QR Code cards to the station to have guests upload the pictures directly to you.

In the end, it's the thoughtful details that transform your wedding day into an extraordinary experience for everyone involved. As you focus on your love story, these touches weave a tapestry of shared joy and celebration, creating lasting memories for you and your cherished guests.

Happy Planning!

Nicole xo

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