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Music to Make Your Heart Flutter

Let’s face it, we’ve all been feeling the pressure of unknowns. It’s time to breathe, grab your partner’s hand and get out to dance under the stars – or in your living room. Love is not cancelled!

Music is an important part of my life – when I’m cooking, driving, taking the dog for walks… and when my husband and I got married, we sought to fill our celebration with many of the same songs we have sung loudly in the car together.

You’re asking, “Nicole, what in the world does that matter?” It matters. You matter, your partner matters. Your wedding certainly matters. And importantly, all the feelings you have matter. But have you taken a moment to really stop and check in on each other? Or -hypothetically- like me, have you also had moments where you wonder how you could convince your partner to leave the house, without their keys, and lock the door behind them, just for like an hour? I kid. I unlock it after thirty minutes…

“A great song should lift your heart, warm the soul and make you feel good.”  – Colbie Caillat

It is really easy to get lost in the stress and complications that 2020 brought to weddings. Being faced with this kind of uncertainty takes a toll, and no matter what anyone says – it still sucks!

However, something to remember to help you find the brighter side, when the day finally does come and you say ‘I Do,’ you will get to spend the rest of your life with them. No delays or restrictions.

Embrace the imperfections, put down the colour swatches and seating charts, and take a  moment to enjoy each other. Whether it happens this year or next, with 200 people or 20, you’ve found your lobster, as the kids say.

“Love can’t be cancelled. One day these are the stories you will tell…”  – Sandra Cassios

Tonight, take a moment to be in each other’s presence, a break from technology and worry. Cook up a new dish, cuddle under the stars, take a walk …whatever makes your hearts happy. Grab each other, hold each other. Turn on your wedding day playlist. Work on the one you have, get one started, or just press ‘shuffle’ and let the music gods take it from there. 

Need some inspiration? Celebrate your partnership with some of the songs that make my heart happy too. You may even be inspired to pick your First Dance song.


With Love,

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